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About Us


About our Preschool

PVUMC Preschool offers an enriching, nurturing faith-based environment where children are valued as unique individuals who are curious, creative and intelligent. Our highly qualified educators foster the development of the whole child through the power of play while implementing the exemplary standards set forth by the NAEYC.


At PVUMC Preschool, we believe in the power of play. As beloved children’s advocate Fred Rogers once said, play is “the work of childhood.” We heartily agree—and on-going research confirms our philosophy—that children learn best through play and through making child-directed choices in the classroom. Our teachers and assistants nurture each child’s developmental growth through hands-on learning experiences that encourage exploration and discovery and cultivate a love of learning.
Our curriculum follows the natural progress of development for young children, starting with more informal structure for the youngest child and moving into alternating periods of verbally guided experiences and creative free play as the child grows.

Literacy and Language Arts

To develop expressive and receptive language skills, including, but not limited to: creative dramatics, poetry, finger plays, composing group experience stories, recording individual language, group speaking, listening skills, beginning phonics, and exposure to the best in children’s literature.


To stimulate curiosity and develop a scientific approach by observing, recording, experimenting, sorting, classifying, and being responsible for live animals and plants. Also, to explore the properties of objects using all five senses and through water play and cooking. To establish good health habits including nutrition, exercise, and care of the environment.


Social Studies

To expose children to multicultural customs and historic events. To increase the child’s awareness of the people who are a part of his/her world through classroom visits, visual materials, and dramatic play.


To provide an environment with a multitude of creative experiences for each child to explore, including, but not limited to: painting, clay, collage, woodworking, and paper crafts.


To make music an integral part of a child’s life at school through listening and singing experiences, rhythm, instrument playing, and creative movement and marching.


To explore relationships (e.g. less, more, part, whole, few, many), one-to-one correspondence, matching shapes, proportions, and balance, as well as number concepts.

Perceptual Motor

To enhance the child’s self-perception of his/her body through movement experiences that focus on gross motor skills, spatial relationships, balance, coordination, and unilateral, bilateral, and cross-lateral movements.


Faith Development

To expose the child to the Christian faith through Bible stories, music, and prayer.


Teachers and Staff

If a school is only as good as its teachers, then PVUMC Preschool is one of the best! Our top-notch team of teachers and staff members is dedicated to creating a bright, supportive environment where children feel safe to explore, question, and grow.

The majority of our staff at PVUMC Preschool holds college degrees, including many with bachelor’s or master’s degrees in elementary or early childhood education. We require all staff members to do staff development on a yearly basis, which includes taking college course work in early childhood education, attending professional workshops, and observing other preschool classes.


Mary Cooper
Preschool Director

Stefanie Evans

Assistant to the Director

Financial Assistant

Heather Duthie

Lead Teachers

Sarah Bindy

Cassidy Bishop

Stefanie Evans

Joan Kay

Rashmi Modi

Bev Nystedt

Shebi Olin

Jane Walters

Assistant Teachers

Sherri Golshan

Jill Hammitt

Chris Vance

Support Staff

Nadia Baird

Lisa Cole

Linda Huston

Hillary Knowles

Meredith Schweda

Cindy Sevin

Rainbow Room

Di Poteet

Maya Noto


PVUMC Preschool is hiring for the school year. We seek Early Childhood Educators to teach and enrich the lives of young children ages twelve months through five years. PVUMC Preschool is currently hiring part-time employees:


  • Lead Classroom Teachers

  • Assistant Classroom Teachers

  • Aides

  • Substitute teachers

  • Office Staff


Ideal candidates for teaching positions should have a degree in Early Childhood, Elementary, or Special Education, and previous teaching/work experience with young children. Please call the PVUMC Preschool Office at 602-840-8265 for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re looking for information on school policies and procedures, you’ve come to the right place. Below we’ve answered some of the questions we’re asked most frequently. If you have additional questions, we encourage you to refer to the parent handbook. And, as always, you’re welcome to contact us with any queries.

What is the student/teacher ratio at PVUMC Preschool?
We strive to have small classes in order to promote the one-on-one teacher/child interaction that is so important in early childhood development. Our classes for two-year-olds typically have 13-14 children to two teachers and one aide. In our classes for three-year-olds, we average about 16-19 children to two teachers and one aide. Our classes for four- and five-year-olds average about 18 - 20 children to two teachers and one aide.

How do you incorporate faith into your learning environment?
At PVUMC Preschool, we’re committed to the spiritual development of our children, and we encourage the sharing of all faiths. Some of the ways we incorporate faith into our activities include prayer before meals and snacks and the celebration of religious holidays (including our Christmas pageant). We also offer the opportunity for spiritual enrichment outside of the classroom with our Littlest Angel’s Chapel time and our Godly Play program.

At what age can I send my child to PVUMC Preschool?
Students who reach the age of two years prior to September 1 may attend PVUMC Preschool. Our children range in age from two to five years. 

Does my child need to be potty trained to start at PVUMC?
No. We don’t require children to be potty trained if they are enrolled in a class for two- or three-year-olds or in Mom’s Morning Out.

Do you offer tuition discounts?
Yes! We offer sibling discounts: The second and each additional enrolled child in a family receives a $15 per month tuition discount. We also offer discounts for PVUMC preschool employees. You can refer to the parent handbook, located on the Forms page, for specific discount details.

Do you offer scholarships?
PVUMC Preschool does offer partial scholarships for families who need assistance. Please speak to the preschool director for further information and applications. Scholarship opportunities are limited.

How do you establish tuition rates?
Our PVUMC Preschool Board establishes tuition rates. These rates allow us to continue to operate at our current level of excellence as well as meet the growing demands of our school. Your tuition money pays for excellent lead teachers and assistants, a music teacher, our ;motor perception program, a nutritional snack program, new equipment, and supplies, and it allows us to upgrade our facilities as needed.

When should I pay tuition? Do you charge fees for late payment?
You may pay tuition annually, monthly, or by semester. Annual tuition is due on September 10. Semester tuition is due on September 10 and again on January 10. Monthly tuition payments are due by the 10th day of each month from September through April. We do not prorate tuition for shorter months, and we do not offer refunds for temporary absences due to illnesses, vacation, accidents, etc. We will charge a late fee of $25 if tuition is not paid by the 10th day of the month. You may refer to the Financial Policies document under the Tuition tab for further details.

What if my child becomes ill while at school?
If a child becomes ill at school, we will first attempt to contact his or her parents. In the event we are unable to reach the child’s parents, we will call the emergency person designated on the child’s emergency forms. All PVUMC Preschool staff are trained and certified in pediatric first aid and CPR. If a medical or dental emergency occurs, we will first contact the paramedics and then follow first aid/CPR procedures as appropriate. We will also attempt to contact a parent (or designated guardian if the parent is unavailable).

Do you allow parents to volunteer?
We’re so glad you asked! We encourage parents to participate in their child’s classroom. Classroom teachers appreciate your help and support and will provide specific guidelines or suggestions for being a helper in their classroom. Teachers may vary their helper schedule throughout the year; for example, some teachers may not utilize helpers during the early weeks of school or after vacation periods. We also love to have parent volunteers for special events such as fundraisers and school socials. For more details about how you can volunteer at PVUMC Preschool, please contact our office.

Teachers and Staff
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