After School Programs
In addition to our outstanding preschool options, we offer a fun variety of after school programs for children enrolled in PVUMC Preschool. Children must be three years old and potty trained to participate, and each child may only take one program per day. We provide these programs on a first-come, first-served basis.

We will provide registration forms and information for our after school program offerings in July and as programs begin throughout the year. You may leave your after school registration form in the preschool office, and we will put it in the appropriate teacher’s mailbox. Or, if you prefer, you may mail the form directly to the provider of the specific class.

Below you will find a description of each class we offer; classes are subject to change from year to year.
To download registration forms and class information: After School Classes

Children already have all the tools they need to create masterpieces of art! Artworks will expand and challenge their imaginations by inspiring them to explore various art techniques and introducing them to master artists and works from cultures around the globe. We end each class with a quick review and snack that coordinates with the lesson.

Baker's Cents
In Baker’s Cents, children become little entrepreneurs and cultivate a sense of community as they take a recipe from the beginning stages all the way to a bake sale with proceeds that go to the UMOM charity. Children in this class learn new math skills and reinforce old ones, count and identify money, create advertising, and learn how to work with customers.

Godly Play
In Godly Play, students are invited to wonder about the world around them. Through stories of the Bible and God’s people, we learn about how God fits in to our lives, and how He continues to be with us, even though we might not see and hear Him the same way we see and hear those around us. Godly Play puts children on a path of faithfulness and wonder looking for God in their own way.

This is an outreach gymnastics program offered by some of Arizona’s top instructors. The class focuses on children’s innate love of movement and channels it into various gymnastics skills including balance beam, bars, tumbling, mini trampoline, and vault.

Jump Bunch
JumpBunch introduces sports and fitness to your child in a hands-on setting. Our year-round program utilizes activity plans that offer a different sport or activity with each class. Most of all, JumpBunch is lots of fun - children are excited and eager to participate.

Thinking Caps
Thinking Caps program is based on hands on exploration and concrete learning experiences. This class will introduce the sciences of; chemistry, physics, biology, earth and space. We will be practicing scientific processes like observing, predicting, sorting, measuring, experimenting and designing.

Little Kicks Soccer
Little Kicks is a fun introduction to soccer through a blend of exciting activities in a safe and enjoyable environment. The goal of the program is to develop the child’s gross motor skills, increase self-esteem, and encourage group social skills. Each group session is 50 minutes and is staffed by professional coaches.

Phonics Fun
This class will teach letter sounds, rhyming words, handwriting skills, and include beginning reading activities.